Julian has published two books that are extremely useful for anyone embarking upon an organisational change programme:

1. Levels of Excellence

This book builds on the work done by Elliot Jacques at CRA (now Rio Tinto) where Julian worked with Elliot to reorganise one of the largest mining organisations in the world.

It clearly explains the crucial concepts of ‘Levels’ within an organisation, how they are legitimised and pave the way for better working relationships, what should be a requisite number of levels of management to facilitate optimal performance and a glimpse of the personal changes that people go through to embrace this powerful view of an organisation.

Many organisations are currently using “Levels of Excellence” as part of their performance improvement programmes.


2. The Survival Paradox

This is a book that explores all parts of the human mindset in order to establish the building blocks for individual improvement which can lead to global leadership.


3. Who is in Control of Your Brain

This book contains ten ideas that, taken together, allow us to understand the DNA predispositions that drive human behavior; explain how these predispositions have shaped society and, describe how each of us can harness our predispositions to improve ourselves, our work and our society.