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Bach Consulting is NOT your usual consulting outfit.
We believe that corporate organisations are one of the few institutions in society where people can express their creativity, learn new skills and receive objective feedback

As a result we view organisations as the engine room for personal and social progress. Producing extraordinary results within these institutions, requires a combination of three inter-related concepts:

• Analytical Capability: the degree to which all members of the organisation use analytical problem solving tools to do their work
• Work Relationships: how members of the organisation view their relationships with each other (manager – subordinate, peers, manager once removed), how they behave with each other under normal conditions and under stress, what organisational constructs influence these
• Organisational Design: the structures, systems and processes that influence the behaviours of all members of the organisation

Getting these three concepts working together will result in step changes in performance and they will be much easier to sustain over time and, furthermore continue the the improvement process.

There are other consulting organisations that focus on improving performance through one of the three concepts, however addressing one in isolation of the other two may deliver incremental improvements, but will be insufficient for delivering significant performance improvement, and will find it difficult to sustain any improvements gained.

Bach Consulting is the only organisation that has a methodology, tools and training techniques to address each of these three areas simultaneously to deliver extraordinary performance improvement changes and sustain them over the long term.